Monday, December 8, 2008

BeautiControl Mineral Make up

As a mom of two active boys under 4 ... I am all about fast make up. I am not the type of mom who goes out often without SOME on. I believer in a natural looking make up... and for me find putting on just a little brightens my face and helps me to be more confident with myself. Not to mention protect my skin from the sun.

For years now (since 2004) I have been using mineral make ups. I have tried a number of different kinds. Each one having its pros and cons. For me mineral make up is far better than any of the dozens of cream or liquid foundations I have tried. (trust me.. I've tried them all!)

BeautiControl carries a wonderful skin sensitive mineral make up line.
It contains...No oil, alcohol, parabens, talc, fillers or fragrances are used, making the makeup perfect for all skin types – including sensitive, acne and rosacea. I think one mistake many women make when purchasing mineral make up is neglecting to research the "ingredients."

All of those mineral lines at walmart contain talc and other fillers. Be sure to check those things out before you buy!


I enjoyed the BeautiControl mineral line.. I must be honest in saying though that out of the 3 other mineral make ups I own this one is lacking in some coverage... I dont like caked on make up... I found this make up wasnt the best at hiding the big flaws... like hormonal breakouts. :-\ BUT! That being said it is a very natural make up... and if you are one that just wants a light coverage and skin protection during the day, this is a great option. I also found that I liked it over top of my other mineral make up as a powder as well.

Buy It: BeautiControl offers a wide variety of products, not just mineral make ups. They carry eye shadows, lip products, body products as well as a best seller called "Show of Hands Instant Manicure." Whatever the need they can take care of it in the beauty department. Also right now they have some fun holiday gift baskets. You pick the gift and its ready to go to whoever you are giving it to.

My friend Tricia is a consultant for this company... if you would like to speak to her on any of the things I have mentioned please feel free to e-mail her at psu1218[at]hotmail.comm


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  1. It's a nice review of mineral makeup… well, I too prefer it for it's natural look.


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