Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Look no further this holiday season if you are yearning for a handmade, recycled, (0ne of a kind) beautifully made creature....affectionately name Socktopus. Resembling it's long lost cousin the sock monkey, these socktopus will find an unique place in your heat.

Made completely out of recycled wool sweaters (and polyfill stuffing on the insides) , these 8 legged friends are sure to please even the smallest of gift receivers this holiday season.

On the outside they are fashion forward, stylin', 8 legged creatures. On the inside, they just want to be love, hugged and belong to your tyke (in the most eco-friendly way).

Obviously we are loving the Socktopus. In addition to Mr. Socktopus, we love and adore it's close relative, punky monkey! This punk rock sock monkey is a modern twist on the traditional red heeled monkey we are used to. Made by Blackbird Fashion since 2000, these little punks totally stealing the playground scene.

Feel good this holiday season by investing in the socktupus clan. Think modern, chic, recycled, and reclaimed. The cool friends are back and are here to stay.


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