Saturday, January 3, 2009

Loving Circo's Wooden Toys

While Christmas shopping I came across a familiar brand of products with a line of nice, wooden children's toys!!!! I was searching for a wooden train set to at Target and I "re-discovered" Circo!!

I picked up the Rescue-Themed Wooden Train Set from KidKraft/Circo that the children have LOVED!!! The set is all wood and is soo sturdy!! I was also impressed with the variety of pieces that came with the 70-piece set because it was meant as an add-on to his big set. The pieces are very comparable and compatible to the Brio line but at a fraction of the cost without loosing the quality and simplicity!!!

But my greatest find was the Magnetic Calendar by Circo!!! Being a new homeschooling mom, I'm always on the look-out for homeschooling supplies that will make our days FUN! The Magnetic Calendar was PERFECT!!!

My Calendar (the Circo Calendar) has two magnetic, dry-erase sides with a calendar outline and the days of the week printed on one side. All other additions are sturdy little magnets, including all the months, seasons, years until 2012!!, holidays and organizational days (haircuts, library visits, etc)!!

Besides having all the extras, the calendar is just plain CUTE!! It already has been fun to use with my children, teaching them how our days are organized into a calendar, the days of the week, seasons and months. We also set-up our month yesterday and we were able to pick out our special days this month- like birthdays and our BIG doctor's appt!

Buy It!! There were plenty of other Circo wooden products at Target. Many of them reminded of the popular Melissa and Doug wooden sets and puzzles, but at a FRACTION of the cost! I purchased MY Calendar by Circo for $10 and here they are at Melissa and Doug for $19.99!!

*** Target online didn't have these sets. I found more at the Target store, including a responsibility chart much like the calendar... here's the Melissa and Doug version!!


  1. Hi Kelly,
    I love your site and bios of the moms! I was searching for the Circo wooden train set because I am considering reviewing it on my site I am a speech pathologist and I have a blog, articles and reviews children's toys and media that build language skills.
    I too have found the Circo brand to be a very affordable substitute for some of the better known toys. My favorite is the Circo frog play tent for only about $20. Kids love it! I blogged on it. You might enjoy some of the book selections I reviewed on my site and articles on how to build language reading books. Also today I posted some free valentines.
    Best regards, Sherry Artemenko

  2. Wow!! You got really wonderful stuff... Wooden toys are good for kids!!


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