Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tonka Scoot 'N Scoop 3-in-1 Ride On

If you have kids that love to crawl and sit on everything in site, you will love this new toy from Tonka. And if you are a parent that loves to get their dollars worth out of toys, you too will love this toys as it "grows" with your child.

Scoot 'N Scoop 3-in1 Ride On ($39.99) is another fantastically durable toy made by the smart folks over at Tonka. This fun developmental toy is created to entertain both toddlers and preschoolers alike. It starts as a push toy and shape sorter, transitions to a walker and then finally a ride on vehicle that scoops up colorful blocks (blocks included).

Make note, no truck would be complete without a little noise, right? This truck has a FUN REVVIN' WHEEL which makes kids really feel like they are in the drivers seat. The wheel comes complete with horn, clicking directional signals and motor revving sounds.

I love that it's transitional and is fun for a wide range of ages (and sexes, whoever said trucks are just for boys was wrong). I'm glad that it's a toy that my one year old and 4 year old can play with it together (when they're not fighting over it, of course).

I love that unlike other big and bulky sit n' rides, it's pretty compact and can easily be stored away without taking up too much room.

Buy it! The Tonka Scoot 'N Scoop 3-in-1 ride on can be purchased now at any major merchandisers including Target and Amazon.

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