Saturday, January 10, 2009

Peace Love Mom

Time to admit...... I am a tshirt and jeans kind of mom. I do love to get "dressed up" and throw on some heels, but you will more commonly see me in casual attire. I have found a company that suits my needs for that perfectly; Peace Love Mom. Creators Lori, Suzanne and Karen, are three very different moms with one common goal – to create “a celebration of motherhood” for all types of mothers. Their site offers tshirts, thermals, tanks, hats, and jewelry. I reviewed the thermal shirt, and I love it. I especially love that it didn't shrink or fade. I hate when I pick out a bright color shirt only to wash it once and have it turn into a drab, blah color. These shirts will not do that!
One of my favorite items is the line of notepads offered by Peace Love Mom. It seems like I am always looking for something to jot a note down on, whether it be to one of my kids' teachers, or just a shopping list. These recycled pads are great for any mom.
PSM41Ppeace love mom

Buy It: Peace Love Mom is offering free shipping to Simple readers, with code "SIMPLEMOM" from today through January 24th. Perfect timing to treat yourself to a fun new "mom" garment so you too can "celebrate motherhood!"


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