Saturday, January 10, 2009

Support them while you still can...

We dont know yet what will happen... but it is very likely that the stores we love over at etsy will be no more after Feb. 10th... you can read more about this OVER HERE... I encourage all of you to view that site and add the button the right to your blog and websites.

Incase you want to take advantage of the last few days some of these stores may be open.. here are a list of stores we love all created by work at home mothers...

Some have coupons...

After Feb. 10th you may not be able to get these great items... :-( this makes me so sad!

~ HOME STUDIOS and HOME STUDIO'S 2 (home made pendants, magnets and mirrors)
-coupon "simple reviews" during your check out for free shipping

~ BEE SIMPLE - organic body products as well as home made T's and Chai Tea
-coupon "simple" for 15% off your order

~ GRACIOUSMAY - adorable childrens shoes...
-coupon "simplefindsblog" for free shipping

~ BURRY BABIES - homemade knit hats and more
-coupon "let the seller know you found her via simple" at check out for 10% off

~ SWEET FEET KNITS - homemade coccoons and more for photographers
-coupon "let seller know you found her via simple" for 10% off

~ TURTLE PARK TOTS - home made bibs and more

~ MARIE ELENA DESIGNS - the best homemade clutches around... I love mine so much!!

~ CAMP FOLLOWER BAGS - sweet adorable childrens messanger bags

~ KIMS KREATIONS - THE BEST!!!! homemade ring slings around!! I am most likely going to buy another one even though I dont need one.. just because they are that good!

~ NONNY & BOO SLINGS - another great sling that I adore!

There are so many more sites I could list.. but I dont have the time at the moment... for now just search around... Support these moms while we still can... and by all means click the botton above!


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