Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Change your look, not your sole"

I LOVE flip-flops but I've always been on the look-out for that ONE pair that matches everything! SwitchFlops by Lindsay Phillips is the answer!!

Are you ready for this??? Switchflops are sandals that come with interchangeable straps! So in the morning you wear the Janet- a yellow polka dotted strap with your tank top!! Then your evening date attire you change to the Scarlet - a ruffled, flirty red!! Switchflops are that perfect, matches everything flip-flop! Watch more here!

SwitchFlops come in three different styles: the Lulu Flat basic flipflop, the Taylor wedge and the new Lilly Kitten Heel!! Each style comes in a couple different colors and with it's own signature strap. You then can create any shoe you can imagine with over 70 different strap choices from six different collections: Americana, Color Burst, Summer Shine, Native, Bridal and Team Stripe!

Thanks to SwitchFlops I created MY perfect sandal! I will be wearing the Lilly Kitten Heel in cork with the Marianne strap... so cute! And I am impressed with the sturdiness, quality and style of the sandal!!!

Create your perfect summer flip-flop or sandal HERE!!!

I LOVE Switchflops and plan to add a couple more straps to my collection. Each strap is a fraction of the cost of another pair of shoes and saves space, especially when traveling!!

BUY IT! All the straps and styles can be found online at and select boutiques nationwide and online!!! The sole styles range in price from $ 32 to $48; $12 for each additional strap!!


  1. those are so cool kelly. i want some after see yours! really people... they are SUPER CUTE AND WELL MADE... i saw them at her house :-)


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