Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cleaner Floors are Always a Plus

I know that our home is a little more active than most, what with the 4 kids and way too many dogs, but regardless of how busy your home is, all floors get dirty. Paw prints tracked in, kids' spills in the kitchen, you all know what floors harbor. I gave up my mop a while back because I couldn't get the floor clean enough with it. Hand scrubbing is the only way to get a deep clean when the mess is of immense proportions. And around here, that's daily.

I am eternally grateful to the friend that introduced me to the floor steamer. We did some research on brands before making the purchase, and decided that Haan has the best steamer on the market. It has 15 steamers across the bottom to even distribute the cleaning, making it faster and more effective than the competition. It is super simple to use, and doesn't use chemicals. Simply add water, turn on, and clean floors. It quickly powers through the worst messes, sanitizing as it goes.

The Haan floor steamer works on all hard surfaces including tile, wood, laminate and linoleum. It comes with a short handle attachment so that you can sanitize counter tops or do the bathtub. The cleaning pads attach with velcro, and are machine washable so that you don't have the extra expense of replacing them all the time.

I am not a Martha Stewart, but I have learned to love cleaning floors. I love that my floors are much cleaner than they are after I painstakingly hand scrub them, and there's very little work involved.

BUY IT: Check out the Haan website, and watch the demo video. I just want to pre-warn you, that video is REAL. You, too, will clean that easily - it really does work that way. And you will want to make a purchase while there. It is all that. And then some.


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