Sunday, March 29, 2009

The FUMI - beautiful for your wrist and good for your purse

I love to go out to eat; but when seated at a cramped table, I find it awkward as to where to put my purse or diaper bag. The last thing I want to do is throw my favorite (expensive) bag on a dirty floor full of germs and who knows what else.

Typically, I either suck it up and stick it under the table (where I'll easily forget it) or throw it over the back of the chair where it will stay for all of 10 minutes before it will too, fall to the floor and be potentially tripped on.

I've discovered the most chic way to solve the never ending question of what to do with my bag at a restaurant. The FUMI (Fashionable Unique Multi-purpose Innovation) duals as a handbag hanger, purse accessory and/or bracelet.

As a bracelet, it's simply beautiful. As a purse hanger, it's tough as nails. I am not a small bag kinda girl. My purses tend to be big, heavy and bulky. I put the FUMI to the test, and it passed my abuse with flying colors.

Simply take the FUMI from your wrist (or bag), easily pull it open with the hinges, and hang your bag off the table/bar or counter top surface. When your ready to leave, return it to your wrist!

The FUMI ($24.95) makes the perfect gift for any girlfriend, sister, or special woman in your life. I know I'll never leave the house without it.

BUY IT! The FUMI can be purchased online. While shopping, check out their other fun purse hooks and accessories!



  1. Thank you for sharing this!!! I have seen others but this one can actually go on the straps of my purse, love it!

  2. what a great idea! ive never seen anything like that before :D


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