Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Diaper Clutch

the diaper clutch

Do you ever just need to run to one store with your kids and not want to carry the diaper bag around, but know that you will need a diaper and wipes? The diaper clutch is the perfect accessory to easily put in your purse and not have to carry around the diaper bag.

The diaper clutch is a bag that conviently holds wipes and diapers, but yet still fashionable. They come in so many different fabrics to chose from you are bound to find one you love.


You just flip open the clutch and there is a easy access to the wipes and behind that is a pocket for about 2-4 diapers, depending on the size diaper your child wears. I fit 3 - size 5 diapers in mine. And of course you could put whatever you wanted inside of it. The flap is held on by velcro.

I think this is the best idea ever. I use it all the time to just stick in my purse and go. No need to worry about the diaper bag.

I will be honest, I actually didn't really know what this was until I got it. I thought it was just a clutch that held wipes, or diapers....NOT both. It is the most clever idea. Wish I would have had one sooner then now. But I still need it is nice to have.

GET YOUR OWN: the diaper clutch - $19.99

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  1. oh yeah...those are cool. great fabric too! :)

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