Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kangaroom Storage

Don't you just hate when you have stuff, and it just won't go anywhere? You need the stuff, you just need to find somewhere to store it neatly so that the whole world doesn't have to look at it. Enter Kangaroom Storage.

Kangaroom Storage, a San Francisco based company, was started less than 3 years ago and has since become a leader in the design and production of unique organization and storage accessories. Kangaroom has garnered international press for its award winning products.

Neatly organize kids rooms, craft rooms, closets, offices, the nursery, the pantry... The list goes on. They have just about anything that you could possibly need, and some things you never knew you needed until you saw them.

One of my favorites is the Sorting Hamper. It has 2 separate compartments that can be labeled darks and lights, or with each child's name, so when they take off their dirty clothes, they will know where to put them!

Another favorite of mine is the Corky Wall Organizer. It has multiple embroidered pockets to hold a variety of items as well as built-in transparent sleeves. It features a cork board and media pockets with hidden cord slots so that you can store and charge your gadgets while hiding the charger cords from sight. It can hang over your door or attach directly to the wall, and all hooks are included.

And some fun gifts for upcoming Mother's Day or Father's Day would be the charging stations. For Mom you could get the picture frame/charger, and Dad would appreciate the docking station for the iPod, cell phone and other items. All plugs and cords are hidden inside and neatly organized.

GET YOUR OWN: You can find Kangaroom Storage at, and browse the website for all that they have to offer. You'll be amazed at the innovative and fun organizational items that they have to offer.

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