Saturday, April 4, 2009

Plasmacar - Ride On!

If you are looking for a "ride on" toy that doesn't have an age or weight limit, you've got to get the PlasmaCar! The PlamsaCar is awesome for kids ages 3 and up. My son is 2 yrs old and enjoys this just as much tho.

And truth be told, me and my husband enjoy it just as much as my son does.

When I first saw this toy, I thought how in the world do you get it to move. I still didn't understand it until I actually got the toy and my husband put it together. The PlasmaCar is actually propelled by weight distribution. No peddling. No power needed. It's amazing! To make the PlasmaCar go, all you have to do is wiggle the steering wheel back and forth. The PlasmaCar easily reverses by turning the steering wheel 180 degrees. The seat and the foot rests are rubber so the rider doesn't slip.

My son and I love to play with this. I will actually sit on it and start going and he will chase me and then eventually catch me and start pushing me so it goes faster. We are both laughing so hard by this time that he can barely walk. We have the best time doing this. I will even put my son on it with me at times and we go around the house with it. He loves it. He is only 2 and is not able to do the back and forth motion that well, so he just puts his fast little feet down and goes.

PlasmaCar is made from state-of-the-art, high-quality ABS plastics, it is very rugged and durable. Your children will like the look of it because it's vivid, sleek and aerodynamic, just like a racecar. No batteries are required to run the PlasmaCar. For kids, the PlasmaCar is pure energy and pure fun. For folks, it's safe, inexpensive, and quiet. I believe that any child would love this car.

GET YOUR OWN: PlasmaCar - $69.95 - Fun for all ages.

This is how my son rides it:


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  1. I used to love riding in Plasmacars when I was little - I need to get one for my boys!


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