Saturday, June 27, 2009

Family Picture magic :)

We've all been in the predicament where we want to have a family picture. Whether we're at the park, on vacation or just in the yard to celebrate Father's Day (like last Sunday). But who will take the picture and make the little ones smile???

While I am NOT talented in photography as some of our SIMPLE moms are... here are my two fun and simple solutions :)

First is to play with your camera's modes to see if you have a timer. My point-n-shoot Canon has the timer listed under Driver Modes!! Set the camera up!! Make sure the place is level and stable (one of my favorite places is on top of the cooler). Then look through the camera to to be sure everyone can get into the frame!

Finally (saving the best for last), bribe the kids!! When taking pictures of my kids, I have offered them small candies/treats for their smiles and cooperation. Smarties work well because they are small. Tic-tacs are another good one, especially since you can just shake the container and the kid get the hint!! Here's one of our recent examples:

Before the Tic-tac offer

After shaking the Tic-tac container:)

Enjoy the weekend! And take some new family photos during your weekend adventures:)

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  1. Beautiful of all of you! What a difference in the before and after picture. I really like the timer feature on my Canon too.

  2. hehe thats a great tip! love tictacs


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