Monday, June 29, 2009

Ingrid & Isabel - Yes, you look beautiful!

I'm all about gracefully stretching my pre-pregnancy wardrobe as far as possible. Ok, s-t-r-e-t-c-h is probably not the right term, because my belly is most definitely stretching out most my small tanks and tees.

I'm talking about making my current set of clothes still look fabulous on me without breaking the bank. These days, who has the cash to invest in a new maternity wardrobe?

BellaBand by Ingrid & Isabel is a brilliant wardrobe extender that is useful from the moment you find out your expecting all the way through postpartum. I'm almost halfway through my 3rd pregnancy, the way I've been wearing my BellaBand is to keep up my maternity pants that are still a bit too big around the waist.

Wear it when you're feeling "just a little big pregnant", when you need to unsnap your favorite pair of jeans. Wear it when your feeling "absolutely gigantic" , it will help keep pants on that your belly keeps trying to push down. And finally, wear it again after you've delivered; when your in between sizes.

At first, I thought the price tag of $25 was steep. But then I did the math. For a mere $25, the BellaBand really gives life to much of your existing wardrobe. What that means to me - more $ to splurge on cute clothes for baby!

And a review on Ingrid & Isabel would not be complete without mentioning their luxurious ruched tank. This tank is so comfortable and so flattering!

Never have I ever had a piece of clothing that I could wear both out on the town and to bed. Ok, I admit that I haven't worn it to bed - but I want's that comfortable!

GET YOUR OWN! Ingrid & Isabel can be purchased online and at many different brick-n-mortar retailer!



  1. Love the bella band it is a must have for pregnant women. It served me well during my pregnancy!

    Here's some photos of me wearing mine :-).

  2. Works well post partum also. I used mine to help me get back in my pre preggo pants a little sooner.

  3. Belly Ups are, by far, the best maternity item I have bought this pregnancy. I wish they were around for my last one! So simple, yet so effective in keeping your pants up!!


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