Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cheeky Baby butter

I got this Cheeky Baby Butter from Baby Bear shop in the mail last week, and have been obsessed with lubing up my baby with it ever since! Using this baby butter is truly an EXPERIENCE, rather than just applying moisturizer.

I started off this experience by reading the instructions, which seriously made me smile. It says "...scoop out a teensy bit, gently warm on hands until it melts like butter, apply to baby while singing." Another thing it said was "for parched mamas use on dry skin, wrinkles (not that you have any)..." Those both made me chuckle a bit, and I automatically found myself humming while applying this to my baby!

And my baby absolutely LOVES having this massaged on him. He stops his crazy squirming and smiles and coos while I lube him all up. And the smell...oh the scrumptious!

This leaves his skin so soft and delicious. This poor kid is in trouble, 'cause he's irresistibly edible after this!

Baby Bear Shop's Cheeky Baby Butter is 99% organic, 100% natural and has 100% plant-derived ingredients. And for every order they send out, they plant a tree to help offset carbon emissions. Fantastic!

GET YOUR OWN!! Check out all the wonderful products at Baby Bear Shop. You can buy a 4 oz. tub of Cheeky Baby Butter for $34.00.

HURRY! Today only you can buy one cheeky baby butter, get one FREE! Enter code 'freecbb' at checkout.


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