Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Change that Baby - on a Patemm

If you've ever tried to change a wiggly toddler you know it's a matter of strength and willpower. A toddler who needs to be changed, but does not want to be changed, will wiggle and squirm, making it near impossible to stay on the changing pad, let alone get the job done.

I know my girls never fit on a rectangle, so it didn't make sense that their changing pad was that shape. The Award winning Patemm ($55-$88) changing pad is the answer every mom has been looking for. It's one of those things that once you've used it, you're totally like "why didn't I think of that?"

Coming in 10 different patterns and designs, the Patemm is essentially a round changing pad that stores diapers and wipes, can be folded with one hand, is easily cleanable and is waterproof.

It's a brilliant product created by a mom that saw a problem and found a way to solve it.

Although my daughter is almost potty trained, the Patemm has been a life saver for us on long road trip, making diaper changing on the go so much easier.

In only 8 short weeks, I'll have a newborn in my arms. I'm so glad that I'm in the "know" and already have a Patemm ready and waiting for all those dirty diaper changes!

GET YOUR OWN (with a coupon)! The Patemm is an amazing product that no new mom should be without (making it a fantastic shower gift). You can purchase one of your own at www.patemm.com , enter "changes" to receive 10% off. Code is good through October 31st, 2009.


  1. We are out of the diaper stage, but this would have been a huge help. So many cool baby items now.

    cristin @ simplified bee

  2. If my mom read this she'll probably go "Now why didn't they have that during my time?" lol. Ingenius, this will be really helpful, and who would've thought to make the item possible to be folded by one hand? That's such a nice and helpful feature!

  3. i live in maui, and this pad is more than just for changing. its a great for the beach, for picnics, anything where you need a place for your baby to sit as it is super easy to clean.


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