Monday, October 26, 2009

Reach "max" speed with this Maxi!

We first tried this scooter out this summer. This award winning scooter is just awesome. It won the 2009 Oppenheim Gold Seal Award. This scooter was actually just featured on the Today Show too. Click HERE to see the segment!

This 3 wheeled kickboard creates added stability for those who may just be starting out on a scooter as well as for the experienced rider. There is a joint bar that can also be added (as you can see in the picture of the little girl in the background). It comes with both handles. It is incredibly light weight yet it is still durable enough for every day use. My daughter uses it in our driveway often but it always ends up in the yard, with her behind trying to scoot along! When on walks and at the park, my daughter just flies on this scooter. It is pretty amazing to watch, especially how fast they can adapt. She can swerve and move across the sidewalk like she is on ice skates!

The age range on this scooter is 6+. If you are looking to a similar scooter, but for a younger aged child, click HERE to read the review I wrote on the "Mini Kick".
GET YOUR OWN!! (with a coupon!) Kickboard USA is offering a 20% discount when you purchase either the mini kick, the g-bike or the maxi kick...or any combination of the three. The discount does not apply to parts or accessories. Use coupon code SIMPLE when checking out. This offer is valid through November 30th, 2009. Plan ahead...Christmas is right around the corner and these scooters and bikes will not let you down!shannonsignature copy


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