Sunday, October 25, 2009


Congratulations to #20 Diana, you've won the $20 gift card to Soft Star Shoes! Here's what Diana wants from there:

"I love the roo moc in navy/lavender. They are so cute!"

They ARE so cute! You're going to love them Diana!

Thanks to everyone who entered. If you're in need of shoes, I HIGHLY recommend these...we LOVE them!!

Next up we have 2 winners of the Lysol kits. (which by the way after reading that post again I am totally inspired to "Lysol" my entire house. Yes, I just used Lysol as a verb.)

And the winners are:

#157 Amanda who says "I use the spray and wipes. As a mom and teacher, I find they come in handy at home and in the classroom."

#99 who says " I don't use either, but I probably should!!!"


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