Friday, December 4, 2009

Dibble, Dabble, Dabbawalla!

I just love saying the name...Dabbawalla! How fun is that? So, now you are probably wondering what the heck this stands for. Well, I really don't know a whole lot about the meaning but the company sure has some awesome products! In all seriousness, if you really want to know what the name stands for and a little more about the company, click HERE and you can read the story of how this company came together. It is actually a pretty cool story!

Dabbawalla offers backpacks as well as lunch bags. They are very cool looking as well as functional. My daughter loves her backpack! We took it on our trip down to Disney with us and she wore it all throughout the airport carrying her "essentials" that she wanted to bring on the airplane.

Here is a little about the bags at Dabbawalla:

Dabbawalla Bags are constructed entirely out of durable neoprene, which protects, insulates and cushions without worry of lead or PVC. Machine washable, stain-resistant and built to last in colorful, fun designs sure to please the young and young at heart.

Well-designed features include cushioned handles, reinforced seams for added strength, wide zipper openings, and inside pockets for stashing gear. The backpack features straps that adjust from the inside.

Something else you all may be interested in knowing is that over at Dabbawalla they occasionally hold online sample and discontinued styles sales - bags will generally be sold at about 40-50% off retail! What a great thing to know so you can get your hands on a great bag for your child or yourself! If you want to be notified about these online sales, you simply have to email Dabbawalla for an updated list of what seconds or styles they have available and then call to place an order. Simple!

GET YOUR OWN!! Head on over to Dabbawalla and do a little shopping of your own! They are offering free shipping for all orders placed now through Dec 18. If you want to do a little shopping with these items in person, click HERE to find out what retailers are carrying these items!
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  1. The word Dabbawalla is of Indian origin. from the language Hindi to to exact. Here's a link to read up more on the famous Dabbawallas of Bombay!


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