Friday, March 12, 2010

Buckle up that Easter Basket!

I have the perfect gift for your kids' Easter baskets this year! And even better, this gift is NOT filled with sugar!! It is an educational, fluffy stuffed animal that is covered in buckles!! This is not your average stuffed animal!

I love this toy! It is a wonderful, cuddly toy that my daughter has been walking around with non stop. This BuckleyBunny is now going with us everywhere. The cool thing about it though, is my daughter will just take a break from playing and start working on the buckles. I can just see her brain working - she is trying to get her hands figured out so she can do the buckles. Not all the buckles are the same as you can see in the picture. The excitement that exudes her when she accomplishes a new buckle is priceless.

One other thing I like about the BuckleyBoo is that after my daughter gets all the buckles unbuckled, she has to put them back together. This starts by matching the ribbons that go with each buckle. So, yet another learning experience! Click HERE to see for yourself how this works...this is a great video that shows how this toy can benefit kids as young as 15 months old!

Click HERE to head on over and see the awards this has won, what press articles have been written as well as testimonials.

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GET YOUR OWN!! Head on over to BuckleyBoo today and take a look around. There are so many animals to choose from if you are not interested in the adorable bunny. You can get a 12" ($19.99) or 17" animal ($29.99) in most all the other animals. Do a little shopping of your own and use the coupon code SMPLE15 to get 15% off your order! This does not include gift wrapping and shipping. Offer is good from today through April 1st.
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*I was provided with the sample mentioned in this review free of charge.*

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  1. My kid loves Easter Basket. So, I make sure that every Easter, I put different candies and toys in her basket. I love this BuckleyBunny and I'm planning to put this toy in her basket for the next Easter. My daughter loves to interact with her toys and I'm pretty sure that she will enjoy this BuckleyBunny.




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