Thursday, March 11, 2010

Micralite Toro Stroller with Rider Attachment

A few months ago we featured the Micralite Toro Stroller with the All Terrain Kit. You can read the full review here. Recently Micralite introduced a new accessory for the Toro stroller called the Rider. The Rider is a boogie board attachment for your older child to stand on, and if you ask me, its PURE GENIUS! The Toro Rider also comes with Multi-Position handles that extend out so you're not reaching over your older child to be able to push the stroller.

This entire stroller and accessories is by far the easiest and most convenient option for my family! I have an infant that needs to ride in the stroller, and a toddler that likes the freedom of walking on his own, but riding when he wants. He thinks riding on the back is the coolest thing ever! And I love that it is still incredibly easy to maneuver.

When my toddler isn't on the Rider, it folds up and easily attaches to the back of the stroller. Then easily comes back down again when he's ready to hop on. The entire stroller folds up more compact than expected! It easily fits in the back of my car.

GET YOUR OWN!! The Micralite Toro stroller, Rider, Multi-position handles and more can be purchased through the Micralite website. The Rider, which comes with the Multi-position handles sells separately from the stroller for $120.00.



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