Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kinderbliss - from the founder of Pediped

Here at SIMPLE, we are big fans of Pediped shoes. Which is why we are thrilled to introduce you to Kinderbliss - an online store and catalog from the founder of Pediped.

At Kinderbliss, you'll find a collection of hand-picked, distinctive apparel and accessories, gifts, toys, gear and maternity items. You can stop your endless google searches for a unique gift, your sure to find the perfect item at Kinderbliss. (and probably a thing or two YOU can't live without!!)

Like this Pow Tummy Tee? SO CUTE! Almost makes me want to get pregnant again. Almost, I said. But the one I got looks super cute on my very pregnant neighbor!

GET YOUR OWN!! Visit to purchase items from their collection.

Be sure to 'like' Kinderbliss on Facebook for the latest updates and specials!


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  1. So cute! Did you see the sale pants with the smiley face. Ha!


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