Monday, September 13, 2010

Fashion to Figure

As a full figured woman, it is truely hard to find clothing that isn't frumpy, plain and just not cute. I find myself resorting back to simple and plain clothing just because it is easy and cheap. When Fashion to Figure contacted me to do a review I had a really hard time deciding on what I liked best. They have so many options and styles. It was exciting to finally shop and see what they had.
She gave me several suggestions just because I couldn't decide. I chose the Stud Trim Bubble Dress.

I am not much of a dress person but I thought it was really cute. It seemed really short on me so I decided I would wear it as a long shirt and wear it with jeans or some pants. It worked out well.

When looking thru their store, I noticed they had alot of really cute tops. I just love the fact that this store is for figures size 12-26 with very trendy and stylish clothing.

Did I mention the prices are very reasonable at Fashion to Figure. I couldn't believe what great deals they have.

GET YOUR OWN!! Stud Trim Bubble Dress - $14.99

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