Tuesday, September 14, 2010

HALO Comforts

Here at Simple, we've loved the HALO brand for quite some time when it comes to our newborns.  We've raved about their SleepSack over and over again.

Guess what?  We are please to report that we have more to rave about!  HALO has recently come out with a few new product, called HALO Comforts. So what is it and why do you need to have it?

Essentially, HALO Comforts is either a one piece or two piece outfit your you little one, made out of amazing moisture-wicking, quick-dry Coolmax® fabric, that helps protect against irritation by keeping baby’s skin cool and dry.    

My little guy has been sporting the Technical Comfort System® Two piece ($22.95, in blue of course). I love this outfit for him for a few reasons.  First, my son sweats a lot when he sleeps, this fabric wicks away moisture twice as fast as cotton, which I swear keeps him more comfortable (and his naps lasting longer.)  I also love it because the fabric also has a SPF of 30, which makes it a perfect choice for playing outside during these beautiful Fall afternoons.  

Also, all HALO Comforts products are approved by the National Eczema Association, which is awesome.  Want some testimonials from parents who's children suffer from eczema who've worn HALO Comforts?  Read all about it here.

GET IT YOURSELF:  Visit the HALO Comforts online store to see all the styles/sizes and colors. Prices range from $12.95 - $22.95.



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