Saturday, October 30, 2010

Time for Tea...

Confession: I buy the $3 special tops and bottoms for my girls from our local superstore for those "I don't care if you roll in the mud, sit on a pint of strawberries, or finger paint your whole body" days.

The vast majority of the time though I want something cute, comfortable and well made.  I want my girls to look nice while they have fun.  The Tea Collection clothes we have tried have been all these things.

I was really excited when our order showed up in the mail.  The dresses for both the girls coordinated without being "matchy-matchy" and they are so soft!  I washed them and had the girls wearing them the next day... I was that excited!

The Tea Collection clothing also holds up to wear and washing really well.  I really wanted to test just how well made their pieces were so I had my kiddos wear their outfits 2-3 times a week for the past month (I figured this would be way more often than normal).  I followed the wash directions listed on the tags, and after the umpteenth time through the washer and dryer the clothes look just as nice as they did when we first got them.

With  classic colors, I know that the clothes will be just as cute in a couple years when my youngest finally fits into the Zizi Floral Wrap Yoke Dress (right) and Skinny Leggings that her big sister LOVES to wear right now.

Tea's tag line is "for little citizens of the world" and I think that it's really cool that their design team travels around the world to different global regions for the inspiration of their Collections.  Right now you can take a look at their Hungarian Holiday Collection for girls and boys.  A great alternative to the usual holiday clothing choices and something you will be able to use beyond the holiday season.

GET YOUR OWN!!! Visit Tea's website for their complete collection of girls, boys, and women's clothing.  Yep, they even have some wonderful pieces for us moms!!! :)

CARINNSIMPLESIGNATURE copy*I was provided with Tea Collection clothing for my daughters in order to provide this review.  The opinions provided are my own.


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