Saturday, November 6, 2010

Baby's First Foods

Okay, anyone else have trouble keeping track of what foods your baby has tried already?  With my first baby I had this giant whiteboard in our kitchen that I kept a running tally on.  Not very convenient when I needed to go grocery shopping, travel, or send her to the grandparents for the night.

This time around I knew I would NOT get that whiteboard out again and that we needed to find a more efficient way to keep track of the foods we had tried.  That's when I found Baby's First Foods from Glow Baby.

Baby's First Foods is my new organizational BFF when mealtime comes around!!!  It has tabbed sections to let me quickly find all the vegetables, fruits, grains, proteins, dairy or snacks that we've already tried and each page is for a separate entry allowing me to keep track of all the important info you want to know as a parent.  For example,  it was important to know that green beans were tolerable when cold and completely horrid when warm or room temperature.   Take a look at the sample log page below or click here to see a larger image.

Because Baby's First Foods is small (5.5”x7.5”) and flat, it easily fit into my diaper bag when we went to the doctor's office for  my baby's latest check up.  I loved that I was also able to have an impromptu dinner out with a friend and our kiddos last week without sacrificing the scheduled feeding for my daughter since Baby's First Foods was tucked in the diaper bag.

I can now easily communicate with my husband, sitter or other family members what foods we have already tried and are okay to feed my baby without having to actually be there.  I have yet to fill in any entries on the "Allergies & Sensitivities" page at the front of the book, but I am glad it is there for "just in case."

GET YOUR OWN!!! Visit Glow Baby online to purchase Baby's First Foods and check out all of Glow Baby's other organizational items for parents, including their Baby's Firsts Journal (I wish I had found this before I had my babies). 

*I was provided with Baby's First Foods free of charge in order to conduct this review.  The opinions provided above are my own!*CARINNSIMPLESIGNATURE copy


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