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This year at Toy Fair 2011, my husband found one of the most unique ride on pedal go-karts I've ever seen. I really like items that are not all "commercialized" and still have the traditional characteristics to them. And most importantly, encourage exercise and being active in my children.

The BERG Buddy does exactly that! Now you might wonder, why BERG? Well, read THIS and you will learn a little more about why I think BERG products are so great.

Here are a few things that I have to mention:
  • Assembly was a cinch. There was honestly about 4 steps to the whole assembly process. If I had to put a number on it, I would say the BERG Buddy comes about 70% assembled.
  • I think it is much easier to pedal the BERG Buddy than it is to pedal a bike with training wheels. There is ultimately no learning curve.
  • Here is a good one for you - It pedals forwards and backwards. Within minutes it allowed our daughter the ability to learn to navigate WHILE backing up.
  • After using the BERG Buddy for a short period of time, I would put my daughter's precise backing up skills up against some of the drivers on the road that can't seem to park in a straight parking spot. :)
  • The maneuverability is amazing. She is able to maneuver in and out of tight areas - which is very fun for her showing off her new skills. Weaving in and out of rocks, acorns and pine combs is her new favorite things to do.
  • The BERG Buddy has a very tight turning radius.
  • High quality tires too.
  • The seat can move front and back allowing different aged kids (ages 3-8) to ride it. This pedal bike can be used for years by your children. If you notice the difference in the stock picture in comparison to the video, the steering wheel moves as well - so it really is suited for quite a range of ages.
  • Also, there is a coaster break. This makes it so easy for the kids to rid. They are able to slow down and stop very easily.
  • Simply said - QUALITY!!
Here is a short video I took - forgive me. I am a photographer, not a videographer. It is a little shaky, but you will get the point. Here you go:

Overall, a GREAT investment in the health and fun of your children!

BERG Buddy (in red, orange and white) :: $299

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*I was provided with the BERG Buddy shown above in order to conduct this review using personal experience. The opinions expressed are my own.*

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