Wednesday, April 27, 2011

joovy :: the new scooterx2

As you well know by now I'm sure, we are expecting BABY #3 in July. I'm excited and scared all at the same time! One of my biggest concerns in having three children is - only having two arms. And one of the biggest things that I wanted to be sure I had was a safe, secure and user friendly stroller that I would be able to fit Adalynn and the new baby in (once the baby is big enough to ride in a stroller without the car seat). I don't sit home much, so having a user friendly, convenient and simplistic stroller is an absolute MUST.

JOOVY TO THE RESCUE once again! (I have previously reviewed the Cocoon X2 on SIMPLE, you can read that review HERE).

Here are a few little things about Joovy, the actual company, that I think is read-worthy and important to note:
  • Joovy is an American company with facilities...
  • Our goal is to design and manufacture family gear products that are extremely useful, practical, good-looking and FUN.
  • Joovy family gear products have premium features and use vibrant, high quality fabrics and materials.
  • Joovy’s ‘signature’ features are extra-large canopies on all strollers; sealed, ball bearing wheels; bold fabrics; and swing away trays, to name a few.
  • Extra features come as ‘standard equipment’ with Joovy gear, i.e. car seat adapters, trays, sheets, etc. *Both are bolded for effect - did it work? :) *
  • We strive for high quality at a reasonable price for our customers.
  • And on and on...I only have so much room! :)
joovy 1

Now here are a few things that I just LOVE about this NEW ScooterX2 stroller:
  • Huge area underneath for all the goodies and things a family on the go needs.
  • Very, very, VERY simple folding and storing - folds very easily
  • Cool colors available (the orange and green are not obnoxious but enough color to stand out) and the fabric seems very resilient
  • Recline capabilities in BOTH seats on the stroller. That doesn't mean they both have to be reclined at the same time though, one can but up and the other can be down.
  • Smooth ride for the kids
  • Not too wide too! You know how you can't get some double strollers through the clothing aisles at the mall, this one is slimmer it seems.
  • HUGE canopy that will cover your little ones. I mean, it's big....but can be tucked back when not in use.
  • The brakes to this stroller are very good too. (Called Linked Brakes on the website). it's a bar that goes across the back, making it very accessible to get to unlike some other strollers where it is just on the wheel.
  • GREAT customer service if there is an issue.

    joovy scooterx2_breakjoovy scooterx2_basketjoovy scooterx2_foldedjoovy scooterx2_grn_lrg
Follow Joovy on Facebook and Twitter to be "in the know". They announce special sales and new products via these channels.

Joovy ScooterX2 Stroller :: $199.99 Seriously, you will NOT be disappointed should you decide to make a purchase with Joovy. All the strollers I have had from them to this point have proven to be above and beyond what I expected of them.

shannonsignature copy
*I was provided with the Joovy ScooterX2 shown above in order to conduct this review using personal experience. The opinions expressed are my own.*


  1. We bought the Joovy Scooter (original) or our soon to be baby girl and I am already in love!

  2. I need to try out some more Joovy products now because it seems like their design has gotten better. I used to have a sit and stand version of the Joovy that I wasn't too happy with. I LOVE the color you show above, and the huge storage underneath.
    I think I will give this company another try. Thanks!

  3. PS-Congrats on baby #3! I have 3 also (4 and under) and it is hard, but worth it every second!
    Good luck-hope you have an ERGO!

  4. Ellery you will NOT be disappointed. It seriously is amazing. I am doing another review today for another double. Again, I was VERY pleased!

  5. Thanks for the congrats too!! :) And Bravo to you!!


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