Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Take them on a Ride with The Piggy Back Rider.

"I wanna be carried."
"Hold me."
I can't see anything Daddy, lift me up!"

Words spoken every single time by my 3 year old when we go to parades, music festivals and outdoor sporting events. She's too little to see, but old enough to want to be in on the action.

A nifty solution that we have found to be practical and still pretty fun is called The Piggyback Rider.

I typically push my one year old in a stroller, my six year old is old enough to walk on her own two feet, but it's my three year old that is in that awkward stage. Too big and independent to want to sit in a stroller, not quite old enough to want to walk one her own.

The Piggyback Rider is essentially a shoulder carrier that has a mounted foot bar for kids to stand on. For added safty, it comes with a secure harnes for the child to wear that easily clips into the padded shoulder area on the adult.

A few quick facts:
  • For kids 2 ½ to 7 years old (up to 60 pounds)
  • Built with a shoulder mounted foot bar for child to stand on, four integrated grab handles to hold, and a safety harness to secure the child.
  • Made of strong and sturdy high quality climbing buckles, webbing and tempered aluminum bar.
  • Comes in a convertible multipurpose storage bag/mudflap.
  • Allows adult to stand much straighter than the typical 30-40 degree slouch associated with old-fashioned Piggyback method.

I love a few things about The Piggyback Rider. Having a not-to-hot back myself, it does make piggybacks a whole lot more enjoyable for me. My daughter LOVES it. She asks to ride it all the time, and I've even cooked dinner using it while she peers over my shoulders. As a parent, I love the safty harnes that comes with it. It's a little added security that puts my mind at ease.

I think we will be using this more and more as the weather starts to get warmer here in Indiana. I envision us throwing it on at parades, (while my family cheers me on doing road races) and casual walks in the park.

Get Connected: The Piggyback folks are super social. Find them on Facebook, tweet them at @piggybackrider, and check out all the Piggyback footage on Youtube.

You can purchase The Piggyback Rider ($79.99) directly off their website. It also comes in pink, for the ladies.

*I received a product sample to facilitate this review and promotion.


  1. I keep reading about this and am so glad to see a picture that I actually understand. VERY cool item!!

  2. This is very cool. I wish I had one of these as a little kid. Adults are way too tall.


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