Thursday, June 30, 2011

orb :: set your music free!

Lately we've been having a few music dilemmas here at our house.  There were multiple issues, but basically I needed to find a way to play our digital music library back in my girls' toy room without investing a couple hundred dollars into equipment or having monthly subscription charges for a service. After some searching I found the solution and it's called the Orb Music Player! YAY!!!

The Orb Music Player is the niftiest little device ever!  You just set up the software with your computer and plug in the Orb to run music from your computer to your stereo speakers or radio via Wi-Fi.  I can now listen to all our digital music on iTunes as well as online radio stations, like Pandora (or Sirius Satellite Radio if we had it) right in our house and I don't have to be attached to my computer!

For our girls to listen in their play room I've set up the Orb remote on my computer desktop so I can control what they're listening to while I work.  The great thing about using the Orb Music Player to do this is that I can choose different music for myself to listen to at the same time on my computer without interfering!  You can also set up the Orb remote on your smartphone and control the music from there as well.

The Orb Music Player is about 3 inches in diameter and is very small and compact.  To use it you need to be able to plug it in for power and have a stereo or radio with audio cable hookups (red/white).  We have even used our Orb Music Player to play music on our TV for family dance parties in the living room.  If you want more details about how the Orb Music Player works exactly you can find them here, along with details on using multiple Orb Music adaptors in your home (BRILLIANT!!!).

Orb Music Player :: $79

*I was provided with the Orb Music Player shown above in order to conduct this review using personal experience.  The opinions provided are my own.*


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